Lao Jungle Honey

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Pook is the 5 year old daughter of Book and Phia.  Book is the son of PhiSi, my sister-in-law.  
They all live together in Bangkok, not far from the airport.  They have two servants.  Because 3 generations live together in one house, Phia can stay home and raise their daughter.  The school Pook attends is immediately across the street.

GerryThe beginning of Lao Jungle Honey is here in the eucalyptus plantation owned by the Burapha Group, located on the Nabong Farm, 25 KM NE of Vientiane
November 20, 2004







SukSuk, an employee of Vicwood, a part of Burapha Group, is assisting in the beekeeping.  He is eager to learn and especially interested in beeswax production, because his mother makes candles for sale.
November 20, 2004