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Gerry W. Veley Resume

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Gerry Veley has a background in beekeeping for more than 18 years. His activities include not only honey production and pollination services, but also the development of a variety of creamed honey products, sold both domestically and in Japan. In addition, Mr. Veley specializes in the production of comb honey products. He founded and is operating Oregon Pure Honey Company.

Gerry Veley has been actively engaged in Asian-style beekeeping in Laos for over 8 years. He founded Lao Jungle Honey Co., Ltd and produces certified pesticide-free honey for sale in a variety of outlets in Laos. Mr. Veley trained in Thailand to learn how to manage bee diseases without the use of medications or any chemicals.

Gerry Veley also functions as a beekeeping consultant, assisting aid organizations and the Lao government in projects for the improvement of village income and nutrition.



Gerry Veley most recently completed a voluntary beekeeping consultancy in Bangladesh managed by Winrock International USAID’s Farmer to Farmer Program. The consultancy period was from December 2nd to December 17th, 2011.
During this consultancy, Gerry Veley analyzed the status of local beekeeping at two projects, BASA and SHISUK, outside of Dhaka. Training sessions included pest management (without the use of chemicals), value-chain products, sanitation, marketing and sales. The contact persons for the consultancy were Vickie Limbird in Little Rock, Arkansas and Md. Shamsul Kabir, in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Mr. Veley was recently asked to return to Dhaka to work with the Bangladesh Institute of Apiculture in developing value-chain products for the domestic market and Mr. Veley has accepted the offer.


Jan. - Feb. 2010


May - July 2009



University of Freiburg, Germany, Art History and Archaeology, 1973-1974
University of Portland, B.A. in Modern Languages, 1975
University of Konstanz, Germany, Latin and History, 1987-1988


English and German are fluent;
Moderate command of Dutch;
Basics in Lao and Thai