Lao Jungle Honey

Training Certificate


From the 7th to 9th of July 2006, I attended a bee training session sponsored by the Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Service Office from the Province of Houaphan.  The director of the project is Mr. Aiyako Kandasak. Initially, the project was financed by Vietnamese foreign aid, but now the provincial government has taken over that responsibility.

The bee project raises both apis mellifera and apis cerana bees. The 2 day training session was interesting, but designed for the novice beekeeper. Also, the beekeepers there used medications liberally, without much knowledge as to why. Even when pressed for their reasons for using certain medications, the Lao beekeepers responded that they did so because the Vietnamese beekeepers training them advised the Lao to do so.


 Lao Jungel Honey Lao Jungel Honey

 Lao Jungel Honey Lao Jungel Honey